The Most Powerful 
Learning Relationship
Management Solution for K-12

Epiphany Learning creates confidence and ownership of learning by combining the power of student-centric Learner Profiles and learner-created Digital Portfolios to build dynamic
Personalized Learning Plans.


Harness the Power of a
Personalized Learning Platform:

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Epiphany Learning makes personalized learning scalable for any classroom, school or district, and allows teachers to accelerate at their own pace.

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Epiphany Learning places students at the center of their learning, giving them the tools they need to be successful in school and in life.

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Parents & Guardians

Epiphany Learning creates
authentic, transparent 
communication between teachers and guardians, contributing to the learner's overall success.

"Epiphany Learning helps us see beyond the academic lens and lets us reflect and talk about a student's strengths, struggles, interests, and hobbies."
- Jeffrey Taege, Personalized Learning Coordinator for Waukesha School District, WI

Epiphany Learning is a groundbreaking Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System designed to empower learners by giving them voice and choice in their education.  The personalized learning platform manages and facilitates student-led learning to maximize learner engagement, achievement, outcome, retention and long-term success.

Epiphany Learning creates personalized learning plans (PLP) for every learner, tracks and monitors their progress over time, provides a real-time holistic view of the student, and  creates and leverages powerful, transparent relationships between learners, educators and the learner’s support network.

Introducing Epiphany Learning,
a Personalized Learning Platform that
Puts Learners Back at the Center
of Their Education.

See the Power of Using a
 Learning Relationship Management System:

The Learner Profile Represents
Who The Learner Is. 

It is an active representation of who they are, who they were and who they might become.

The Learner Profile is created, owned and maintained by the learner, giving them a VOICE in their education. By creating a richer understanding of self, it helps learners evolve from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Supports Blended Learning and
Project-Based Learning Environments.

The Learning Path
Helps Learners
Navigate Their Learning.

It is a continuum of learning that can link to standards and outcomes, making learning more purposeful.

The Learning Path was designed intentionally to allow for choice and offers as much or as little independence as the learner needs. It allows teachers to engage, inspire and motivate students to  own their Learning Paths while creating evidence of learning through the Digital Portfolio.

Gives Learners
Voice and Choice in their Education.

Skills & Dispositions Measure the
 Needed for Modern Day Living.

Life and leadership skills are objectively and quantifiably measured to encourage and support learning processes, attitudes and strategies.

Skills and Dispositions are the abilities needed for modern day, lifelong learning.  Teachers, peers and learners can assess these skills to recognize talents in each learner.

Makes Learning Purposeful and Meaningful
for Every Learner.

The Dynamic Schedule
Turns Classrooms into
 Learner-Directed Environments.

It allows learners the choice to select their own classes, manage their own time and develop their own schedule.

The Dynamic Schedule is how the learner plans their lessons.  Teachers manage the parameters to ensure that learning requirements are being met, while appearing to the learner that there is more flexibility in their schedule.

Creates Authentic Relationships
Between Learners, Teachers and Guardians.

SMART Goals Turn Purposeful Goals into Action and Evidence.

SMART Goals provide learners with a framework to create and track progress towards personal, academic, behavioral and social goals.

Learners can use SMART Goals to help define and achieve a personal mission or overcome an obstacle or struggle, which helps equip them for lifelong learning and long-term success.

Measures Motivation + Engagement
from the Viewpoint of the Learner.

The M.E. Metric™
Measures Student
 Motivation + Engagement.

It is designed to allow classrooms, schools and districts to understand and spot trends around student motivation + engagement.

The M.E. Metric™ provides student insights on how valuable they feel their education is for their future, and how involved and invested they are in their learning. Regular, proactive pulse checks of student Motivation + Engagement are critical to measuring improvements, staying in front of unforeseen issues and celebrating successes.

"Epiphany Learning provides an active representation of who I am, who I was and who I might become. And not from the perspective of my parents or teachers or based on my assessment scores, but from my own voice."
- Lisa Walsh, Hamilton High School graduate, UW-Madison student

Our Mission...

To empower every learner.

"Epiphany Learning has transformed our approach to personalized learning because it helps us look at our learners as individuals and not just students."
- Jeffrey Taege, Personalized Learning Coordinator for
Waukesha School District, WI

Imagine a classroom where...

  • Students are valued for their unique differences.
  • Students have authentic relationships with their teachers and peers.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss their strengths and weaknesses to create a growth mindset.
  • Students can learn at their own pace in the way they learn best.
  • Students are enlightened, engaged, motivated and empowered.
  • Students are given the tools they need to reach their full potential in school, and in life.

This classroom is our epiphany, and our mission is to make it a reality.​

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+ Basic Support

1 Teacher

Unlimited Students

  • Secure hosting
  • Support 1x/week
  • Unlimited assignment sharing
  • Data integration not included

$129 / year


+ Data Support

1 Teacher

Unlimited Students

  • Everything from Basic Support package 
  • Data and Classroom Setup
  • Choice to keep data upon cancelling

$199 / year


+ Data Integration
& Management​

Unlimited Students

  • Best Rate Advantage
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Custom training, webinars & support
  • Onboarding & best practice consulting


+ Data Management

2-20 Users

Unlimited Students

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Data integration + management
  • Custom training & support
  • Onboarding & best practice consulting


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