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Epiphany Learning is a groundbreaking K-12 Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System designed to empower learners by giving them voice and choice in their education.  It maximizes learner engagement, achievement and long-term success.

The Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Platform is a student-centric, web-based platform that is completely configurable for every classroom, school or district.  It develops personalized learning plans, integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS) and links to Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Epiphany Learning allows every classroom, school, or district to personalize their needs based on their own standards and terms. The application is designed with the Learner Profile at the center, therefore the learner is the main focus. The learner creates, owns, and maintains their profile, giving all teachers and guardians visibility of the learner from their own voice, and increasing transparency between the student and their support network.

Award Winning Technology

Meet Our Team

Who is behind Epiphany Learning? See for yourself! Our team is made up of energetic, innovative technology leaders who have a passion for transforming education!

Epiphany Learning Founder Laura Henderson

Laura Henderson

Founder & CEO

A technology leader for over 20 years, Laura believes great teachers are like great leaders; they build trust, inspire maximum performance and create accountability. Laura understands how hard teachers work because she’s married to one. She loves working with teachers and her team to make a real difference in modern learning.

Paula Kaiser

Director of Coaching & Development

As an educator at heart for 20 years, Paula has taught in classrooms, led a NextGen school as the Instructional Coach, and witnessed district-wide change as a Personalized Learning Coordinator. Paula's firsthand experience of the power of student-centric learning allows her to guide schools and districts through successful implementation and mindset change, ultimately rewarding and benefiting all stakeholders.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Anand

Rupesh Agrawal


Every great technology company has a development guru, and Rupesh is ours. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to make our vision a technological reality and somehow manages to make it look easy along the way.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Scott

Scott Henderson

Co-Founder & Business Development

As a special education teacher with a background in sales, Scott is passionate about teaching and recognizes the value in streamlining the learning process for teachers and students alike. He also happens to have a fantastic sense of humor.

Yash Shah

Project Manager

Yash is a dynamic professional with 12+ years of experience in new product development. Yash is highly valued for his expertise interpreting corporate vision and strategy, translating objectives into actionable plans, and providing decisive leadership to multi-functional teams.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Nichole

Nichole Pirolo

Customer Care Manager

​With over 10 years of experience in technology and instruction, Nichole has a passion for education technology. It is important to her that technology be assistive and not intrusive to the learning process. She loves helping our clients get the most out of our product.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Heather

Heather Doucette

Director of Marketing

As a communications enthusiast, Heather's background consists of an array of creative roles ranging from PR and TV broadcasting to social media and branding. She is passionate about crafting strong marketing campaigns, enforcing a vibrant online presence and creating memorable brand awareness, all in an effort to promote life-long learning.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Jennifer

Jennifer Jansen

Marketing Intern

Jennifer is a full time student at UW-Whitewater majoring in marketing. She manages all of our social media, edits and posts our podcast episodes, and promotes all of our work. Jennifer is always up for a challenge when it comes to our marketing strategies.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Therese

Therese Merkel

Marketing Intern

Therese is a high-energy marketing intern from UW- Whitewater, where she goes to school full time and is majoring in business management. She uses her upbeat enthusiasm to engage clients, promote events, create videos, and host  professional development and tech support webinars.

Epiphany Learning Staff - Therese

Nathan Benz

User Experience & Design Specialist

Nathan is a recent graduate from UW-Milwaukee where he studied Design and Visual Communication. He utilizes a thorough design process and work ethic to create visuals with meaning, which enforce Epiphany Learning's vision. Nathan is committed to continuously learning.

Our Programs

BOTs: Builders of Technology

At Epiphany Learning, we recognize the importance of feedback in order to create the best product possible - and who better to provide this feedback than our own K-12 students?  Our learners, aka Idea Engineers, meet throughout the year at Sky Zone trampoline park in Milwaukee to participate in high-energy, interactive workshops where they brainstorm ideas and have fun along the way!  Through our BOTs program, our Idea Engineers have a real say in the changes that are made to our personalized learning application.   We take their opinions and ideas and make important decisions based on their concepts.   This input is critical for us to address the specific needs of our most important users - the learners.  We pride ourselves on being completely learner-centric, and our BOTs program is setting the bar for how all edtech companies should be listening to students.

Nominate a Student for
our BOTs Program!

Teachers of Tomorrow

Epiphany Learning recognizes the role teachers play in bringing modern education to the world by creating engaging and purposeful learning for all students through technology.  That's why we are excited to partner with higher education programs to get feedback from future teachers and leaders in education.  We are committed to working together to create the best product possible, and know these relationships will help us accomplish our mission.  Partner universities receive free access to our web-based personalized learning platform for educational purposes, free access for both student teachers and their advisors, and early access to other thought leadership and research opportunities.  If your university is interested in becoming a partner, contact us today!

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Meet Our Customers

Personalized Learning customer 2

Personalized Learning customer 3

Blended learning customer 1
Blended learning customer 2
Blended learning customer 3

Meet Our Partners

 These educational resources allow Epiphany Learning to evolve faster while delivering the best education application possible to enhance personalized learning environments around the world.

Activate Pathways

Activate Pathways helps guide schools and districts through implementing personalized learning and overcoming this tough change in mindset, ultimately rewarding and benefiting all stakeholders.

How To Learn researches the finest learning systems, evaluates for high quality, and gives their stamp of approval to appear in their Top 101 Best Website Guides. Epiphany Learning is honored to be awarded's Best Websites Making a Difference Award.

Blended learning partner 2

Innovative Schools Network

ISN is a grassroots network of educators creating and nurturing innovative schools by supporting each other in developing high quality, research based resources and strategies for both educators and students.

Personalized learning partner 1

Consortium for School Networking

CoSN is the premier professional association for district technology leaders.

Personalized learning partner 2

Supporting Learning And
Technology in Education

SLATE​ is a very inclusive academic and professional development organization consisting of faculty, support staff, designers, vendors and even students.

Personalized learning partner 3

Sky Zone Milwaukee

As the headquarters for our Builders of Technology meetings, Sky Zone Milwaukee provides a safe and interactive environment for our learners to leap, fly and soar while brainstorming product development.

Project based learning partner 1


Clever leads the industry in FERPA compliance and helping schools protect student information.

Project based learning partner 2

Celebrating Humanity International

Celebrating Humanity International’s mission is to use diversity and learning styles to build teams, relationships and communications to reduce workplace conflict.

Project based learning partner 3

Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association

WEMTA is an independent professional association serving school library media and instructional technology.

Personalized learning partner 1


Unlike other cloud providers, Rackspace only offers managed solutions. From ecommerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud, their specialists architect, run and support cloud workloads 24×7.

Personalized learning partner 4

Software & Information Industry Association

SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to the leading companies that are setting the pace for the digital age.

Personalized learning partner 3


We are proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner and offer you the highest level of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills.

Newline Education

Newline Education specializes in digitally transforming schools in a positive and intentional way.  They passionately believe in providing schools with the digital tools and know-how to transform education.

INSIGHT Institute

Dr. Handley is the founder of the Insight Institute, Inc., a company that develops training materials to help people communicate and work more effectively with others, and has an extensive history of research and development in the areas of personality assessment and organizational development.

Education Elements

Education Elements is a personalized learning consulting provider that helps today’s most innovative school district leaders nurture the potential of every student by working side by side with them to create personalized learning environments.


Truity provides scientifically validated, user-friendly online personality assessments. Through their tests, we are able to provide deep, personal insights to help learners better understand themselves and pick the right career, improve their relationships, and develop to their fullest potential.

Wisconsin Education Innovations

Wisconsin Education Innovations' mission is to develop the capacity of educators, students and parents to prepare the next generation of learners and leaders for the best possible life options and outcomes.

NG2: Personalized Inclusive Education Pathways

NG2 is an Assessment for Learning Project, a partnership of the Center for Innovation in Education and Next Generation Learning Challenges supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. NG2 partnered with Epiphany Learning to take New Hampshire to the next level of personalized learning as it tackles long-standing educational barriers to personalized learning - that of grades.

Educators Cooperative

Educators Cooperative works with schools to co-create a digital plan for personalized professional development. They also  help schools successfully implement educational badging programs.

Indigo Project

Indigo helps schools create the foundation of non-academic information they need to discover the best ways to improve their school for their unique student set.

iLearn Collaborative

iLearn Collaborative helps educators reach their full potential by providing schools with professional development and the resources needed to apply it.

Meet Our Allies

 These transformational organizations are also committed to improving learning and education
in unique ways.

Teen Hackz

Teen Hackz helps teens understand their individual behavior style by using a teen based behavioral profiling tool developed just for them that is both engaging and fun, and helps parents understand and guide their teens by identifying and reinforcing critical factors on the path to resilience.

Student Privacy Pledge

​Epiphany Learning is proud to sign the Student Privacy Pledge as a gesture of the continuing responsibility of supporting the effective use of student information and safeguarding student privacy and information.