Learner Profile

Student: How to Set a Goal

Setting goals is an important part of becoming a better learner. From overcoming an obstacle or struggle to achieving a personal mission, find out how Epiphany Learning helps you to accomplish your goals.

Teacher: How to Create & Distribute a Goal

See how teachers can start the goal creation process for a student, and distribute goals to their learners.

Teacher: New Menu Navigation

The teacher-level navigation has been updated, allowing users to easily navigate back and forth between teacher and student view.

Teacher-Level Learner Profile

This new feature allows teachers to update information on learner profiles without drilling down into each individual student's profile.

How to Use Quick Access Links

This feature is available for both teacher and student views, and allows users to quickly access the parts of the platform that they use the most.

Learning Path

Teacher: How to Create a New Learning Experience

Discover how to create a new learning experience to share with your students on Epiphany Learning.

Student: How to Create a New Learning Experience

Learning experiences help you stay on track to meet your personalized learning goals. Discover how to create a new learning experience using Epiphany Learning.

Teacher: How to Create a Portfolio Page

Creating a Portfolio Page helps you to manage the work your learners are doing on a standard. Find out how to create your own in a few easy steps on Epiphany Learning.

Student: How to Create a Portfolio Page

To keep track of the work you have done and are currently doing, check out this quick video on creating a Portfolio Page on Epiphany Learning.

Teacher: How to Use Standards Search

This improvement allows users to search for and add standards to learning experiences, portfolio pages and events.

Dynamic Schedule

Teacher: How to Create an Event

Discover how to create and schedule events, from seminars to meetings.​

Student: How to Create an Event

An important part of personalized learning is the ability to take control of your learning. Discover how Epiphany Learning helps students to create and schedule their own events.

Teacher: How to Approve an Event

In this quick video, teachers can learn how to approve student-created events.

Student: How to Respond to an Event

In this video, students can discover how to RSVP to teacher-created events.

Teacher: How to View My Calendar

Learn how to view all of your scheduled events through this quick video tutorial of Epiphany Learning’s “My Calendar” feature.

Student: How to View My Calendar

Viewing your calendar frequently is an easy and important way to stay on track as a learner. Find out where to find this feature on Epiphany Learning.

Parent Access